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Jennifer Hill

New Mobility West helps communities capitalize on new options for transportation in towns and cities throughout Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

Great transportation systems lead to stronger economies. Nowhere is this more true than in the wide open landscapes of the American West. Across great distances, efficient transportation connections create a network of regional growth, while diverse mobility options within city limits spur economic activity, attract new talent, and build the foundation for prosperity.

Communities around the West are coming together to share ideas about how to build smarter, more flexible transportation systems. As a result, they are building stable economic platforms that are fiscally responsible and will bring lasting benefit for generations to come.

At New Mobility West, we provide support to communities in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Colorado who want to learn from one another. We provide training, tools and resources to help improve transportation systems. Together with our partners, we help create safer, more connected neighborhoods, stronger and more vibrant downtowns, and healthy, robust economies.

New Mobility West is a partnership between Community Builders, Project for Public Spaces, Idaho Smart Growth, and Bike Walk Montana.

NMW employs four core activities:

Community Assistance

Provide targeted assistance to communities on transportation issues


Expand knowledge, skills and capacity among key people that make transportation decisions

Media Tools

Broaden awareness and support for smarter transportation systems

Regional Partnerships

Support and leverage existing efforts and encourage peer-to-peer learning

Combined, these activities will increase knowledge, build community awareness and capacity; broaden public and political support; advance on-the-ground projects that catalyze change at the local level and inspire success in other communities; and create and enhance partnerships that support smart transportation and livable communities. These outcomes will result in better plans, policies and investments, which will create better projects and places, and ultimately better communities.


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  1. Karen Cameron July 30, 2014 at 2:04 am

    I’d be interested to know if your focus is on capital highway projects or if you are also interested in modal choice issues related to on-demand transport such as taxis.

    • John Lavey August 8, 2014 at 3:23 pm

      Hi Karen, thanks for getting in touch. At this point, we are focused on transportation infrastructure and its connection to the community, particularly as it relates to enhancing walkability and pedestrian activity. So to the degree that mode-share questions like the one you bring up relate to transportation infrastructure and investment issues, its some thing we would consider. If you have more questions, your best bet is going to be to call the NMW program manager, Jillian Sutherland. 970-928-3411

      Thanks again, and take care
      -John Lavey