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New Mobility West employs a mix of training and capacity building activities to address the needs and challenges of different communities.

New Mobility West connects communities across the Rocky Mountain West with the resources they need to improve the economic vitality of their town through expanded mobility options.

The Community Mobility Institute allows local leaders the opportunity to receive in depth training on issues at the nexus of transportation, community planning and economic development. Communities can apply as teams made up of 6-8 local leaders. If accepted, these communities receive a scholarship to attend the two and a half day training, and all lodging and most food costs are covered as well. These trainings allow each community team to work one-on-one with a facilitator to develop an action plan of next steps they can take to move forward on identified issues once home.

***We are currently accepting applications for the November 14 – 16, 2016 CMI in Idaho Falls, ID. Applications are due September 30, 2016. LEARN MORE.***

NMW provides a variety of training options, including team-based regional trainings, workshops, and online resources. These trainings expand knowledge, skills and leadership capacity among the key people and institutions that make and influence transportation and development decisions. They also support the effectiveness of existing organizations, local leaders, and advocates that can promote smart decision-making on transportation-related issues in their communities.

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NMW training resources include:

Team-based regional trainings: Team trainings engage community teams of 6-8 members in an intensive 2-3 day workshop that combines presentations, group exercises, leadership development and action planning. Each of these trainings engages 6 – 8 community teams from a particular state or region. Teams are selected through a competitive application process. During the training, participating teams develop an action plan with objectives and next steps for tackling selected issues in their community that they can implement once home.
Workshops: NMW offers training workshops in conjunction with Community Assistance and Regional Training activities. Examples of what these workshops can involve include mobile tours to successful projects, “train the trainer” sessions, or a special topical workshop in support of a local assistance effort.
Online resources: The NMW website includes several training and educational resources on transportation-related issues, including webinars, podcasts, case studies and other useful tools. In the future, the website will also host short training videos on various transportation topics of interest.



For more information on New Mobility West’s Training Program or to discuss training opportunities in your area, contact us.


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