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The New Mobility West initiative is pleased to announce that four inter-mountain west communities have been selected to receive free technical assistance during the 2015 winter months. The recipient communities are:

Learn more about our Community Assistance program here.

Learn more about our Community Assistance program here.

  • Cascade, Idaho
  • Durango, Colorado
  • East Missoula, Montana
  • Grand Junction, Colorado

New Mobility West (NMW) provides communities across the Rocky Mountain West with the tools and resources necessary to become stronger, more prosperous places through building smarter transportation systems. NMW offers technical assistance to communities in this region looking to generate real, on-the-ground progress with targeted issues and opportunities at the nexus of transportation planning and community development. Beyond their local impact, these assistance projects create models that inform and inspire smart transportation and land use throughout the region.

Recipient communities are selected through a competitive application process, and selected communities receive technical assistance at no charge.

“We are thrilled to be working with these four communities,” said Jillian Sutherland, who manages the New Mobility West initiative. “While there were many worthy applications, we are excited to work with these four communities to help them develop local solutions to their mobility and land use challenges.”

New Mobility West received many applications for this round of technical assistance, making the selection process very competitive.

“The amount of interest we received underscores how important this work is to community and economic development,” Sutherland said. “The technical assistance projects will help communities modernize commercial corridors, address issues that arise when Main Street serves as a highway, and help craft strategic capital improvement plans.”

NMW is an initiative administered by the Sonoran Institute, a non-profit organization that inspires and enables community decisions and public policies that respect the land and people of western North America.


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