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Location: Glenwood Springs, CO
Year: 2011
Project Lead: Sonoran Institute
Client: City of Glenwood Springs

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Key Activities

The Roaring Fork Market Place Study Area and South Glenwood Springs Commercial Corridor.

The Roaring Fork Market Place Study Area and
South Glenwood Springs Commercial Corridor.

Working in partnership with the City of Glenwood Springs, the Sonoran Institute led a process that engaged property owners and key stakeholders, including the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority, to explore redevelopment opportunities for the corridor. Key activities included hosting a visioning workshop, crafting market feasible development scenarios, and outlining a set of recommendations with projects and next steps the City and other partners could take to catalyze redevelopment and improve the connectivity and walkability of the area. The City plans to use the study as the foundation for a complete sub-area plan to guide the future redevelopment of the Roaring Fork Market Place and adjacent Highway 82 Corridor.


The planning area includes multiple properties that could have environmental issues, complicating future investment and redevelopment. Additional planning work will be important to realize the potential of desired redevelopment along the Highway 82 commercial corridor. The first step will be to conduct a full-scale small area plan with public engagement that includes both near- and long-term strategies.

Read the full report here.


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