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Community assistance programs evaluate candidates on six key elements of the application.

NMW provides direct technical assistance to communities across the Rocky Mountain West to address specific challenges or opportunities at the nexus of transportation and community development.

Community Assistance can help tackle many issues related to transportation in the American West, including those related to the following common challenges:

Learn more about these challenges here.


We are now accepting applications. Apply by Friday, May 5. APPLY HERE. It is recommended, though not required, that applicants contact Jillian Sutherland before submitting their application to discuss the proposed project and application process.

Who can apply?

Applications can come from municipal, county, tribal and state governments, downtown development authorities, urban renewal authorities or non-profit organizations. Other applicants will be considered–please contact Jillian with questions. Strong partnerships are essential for moving a project forward. This is why in addition to a project narrative, it is required that applicants submit letters of support from project partners and key stakeholders.

Applications can only come from Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Because NMW aims to bring resources to underserved communities across the region, preference will be given to projects from rural towns and medium-sized cities and regions, up to 100,000 in population. However, applications from larger communities will be considered.

What do projects entail?

Successful applicants will work with the NMW team to create a scope that meets their specific needs and fits within the timeframe and budgetary constraints of the NMW assistance program. Typically, projects will include a one-to-three day site visit and workshop. Each project will include a short, visually compelling report with clear recommendations and action steps.

Projects will need to be highly focused. Total project time, including planning/scoping, execution and wrap-up, should not exceed five months. Projects will include at least one site visit and potentially more depending on the scope and scale of the project. Larger projects can be broken up into smaller phases if needed, in order to fit within budget or project timeframe.

How will proposed projects be evaluated?

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Clear Project Concept:

Presents clear and achievable goals for the project that have the opportunity to create meaningful change in the community.

Community Need:

There is a demonstrated need for assistance.

Partner Commitments:

Demonstrate specific commitments from partnering organizations to actively participate in the project. Critical entities include local government (staff and elected officials), and at least one other local partner, which can include community organizations, local businesses, or other institutions.

Implementation Capacity:

Demonstrate opportunities for implementation based on project results, including capacity, funding, and necessary support from key decision-makers.

Regional Relevance:

Project has the potential to be used as a model for other, similar communities in the Rocky Mountain West.


Though not required, applicants should indicate any monetary or in-kind resources they can contribute.

To learn more about our Community Assistance Programs or to apply, contact us.


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